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We are Your Procurement and Shipping Agent that Specializes in Purchasing and Shipping of your Goods from China.

Some of the sites we purchase from are,,,,,, We can also help you to pay your suppliers in China and conclude business on your behalf. We also offer shipping services from China to Nigeria. This means that we can handle both the purchasing and shipping of the products for you. Our procurement service takes within 24-48hours for your order to be processed from the time you placed your order.

When Shipping from China to Nigeria, We Offer Two (2) Shipping Options:

Normal (Cargo) Shipping

Price: USD $8 /Per Kg
Delivery: 7 – 14 Working Days
Shipping Rates are Inclusive of the
(Shipping Fees + Custom Clearance Fees)
from China to our Lagos Warehouse.

Express (Cargo) Shipping

Price: USD $11 /Per Kg
Delivery: 2 – 3 Working Days
Shipping Rates are Inclusive of the
(Shipping Fees + Custom Clearance Fees)
from China to our Lagos Warehouse.

Estimated delivery days for Express Shipping and Normal Shipping starts counting from the day the item is shipped out from China to our Lagos Warehouse. Then you can pick up your package there. However If you live outside Lagos, local delivery will be arranged for your item to be shipped to you.

For those living outside Lagos, please note that this might take additional 1 – 4 days for the item to reach your destination from the time the item reaches our Lagos office. The Local delivery rate applies.

Our Exchange Rates are:

¥1 = ₦59
$1 = ₦370

The above rate is used for our daily procurement and shipping transactions calculation. Please note that these rates are based on market rates and could change if there is significant fluctuation in the Forex Market. Always make sure that you check here to get our current rate before making payment to us.

Buy From and is probably the best place to buy your goods especially if your goal is to purchase and sell to your customers. The price of products there is the cheapest you can find compare to any other Chinese websites like,, etc. is the second best place you can find goods, but in most cases, it is not that cheap when you compared to It is a well-known fact that majority of sellers on sites like and get their goods from and then sell to end users. Although offers the best prices, purchasing products from the site might be complicated since the website is in the Chinese language.

How To Translate or to the English Language

You Can Use any of the Below Options to Translate 1688 or Taobao to English Language.

Option 1 (recommended) – Using Lingoes Software

Lingoes does not convert the Chinese website to English, but it translates any Chinese words to English automatically when you move your mouse over the words. After you installed the software, you need to add Chinese dictionary to Lingoes. You can find the Chinese Dictionaries on Lingoes website. There are a lot of Chinese dictionaries on Lingoes. You can choose the ones you want. Once you finish setting Lingoes, you can start browsing any Chinese website without issue. All you need is to move your mouse over the words and it will show you the English meaning. Another great thing about Lingoes is that it is a freeware which means you can use it for free.

Option 2 – Google Chrome Browser

It will translate the website to English. Make sure that you have the latest chrome installed or check google toolbar on your chrome. Note that the translation might not be 100% accurate but at least it will get you going.

Shipping Guidelines:

If you are procuring by yourself and only requires us to only handle the shipping for you, then this guideline/rules are for you.

1. Note that we only ship exactly what we receive from your suppliers. Your responsibility is to confirm from your suppliers the accuracy and correct specification they are sending before they ship out to us.

2. Mostly, Local delivery shipping fees from your Suppliers to our office in China is charged. It is your responsibility to ensure that the full shipping fees is paid by your suppliers before they ship the goods to us. Note that if your suppliers failed to pay the shipping fees, we reserve the right to reject accepting the products from the shipping company during delivery if you are not made sufficient arrangement with us to cover the local shipping fee.

3. Make sure that you have given your supplier the exact address which you will find on “My China Address” which is within your “Account Profile” when you log into your dashboard. That address is a unique address that belongs only to us.

4. Before your suppliers ship out the goods to us, please reconfirm the weight of the parcel, the number of items being sent, and also that your (Name) is written on the package. Please note that sometimes your supplier’s weight might be between 0.1kg to 2kg lower or higher due to the difference of scale measurement.

5. It is your responsibility to keep in touch with the supplier from the time they confirm that the item has been shipped to us. If you did not receive any update from us after three days your suppliers informed you of the shipping, please contact the supplier and ask for the tracking number of the shipping. Ask the supplier to tell you about the current location of the goods. If your supplier informs you that the products have reached our office, contact us immediately.

6. Sometimes your suppliers might not send the complete items you purchase. Please verify with your supplier before he/she ship the goods to us. If possible ask them to send a picture of the packet to you and cross check the weight of the item with them before they ship to us.

7. We do not snap pictures of what we receive. Our job is to accept and ship your goods. When we confirmed that we have received your goods, please remember to place the order for shipment so that we will arrange for shipping immediately.

8. Always confirm the weight of the item with the supplier before they ship out to us. Note that sometimes our given weight might be higher or lower with what your supplier provided to you. On most cases, the difference is between 0.1kg to 5kg higher or lower.

YES! We Help Individuals and Businesses To Buy from Chinese Indigenous Sites.

These sites are written in Chinese language, But our Staff are Chinese Citizens who understand the business terrain, local customs and the bargaining skills to offer you the best deals on Chinese sites where you buy things 50% cheaper than aliexpess and alibaba.

Requirements To Place and Process Your or Taobao Orders

1. The link to the item that you want to purchase.
2. The options of the product you want to purchase. E.g, Shoe size, Shoe color and other features.
3. The total quantity you want to purchase
4. Finally, you need to know the unit price of the product.

How to Place Orders with Us

Once you get all the requirements ready, Sign Up and Login to your dashboard, Go to Place Orders, Copy the link of the items you want to buy, paste in the order form with full specification of that you want to buy. E.g, your shoe color, size, type as it is written in the site. We will work with your links and send you quotation of what to pay in Naira, you pay the Naira equivalent to our Naira account, We Buy, Pay and Ship for You… Q.E.D.

Our Sourcing Service is Totally Free

We will try our best to source more suppliers for our customers, and quote the best price. However, in order to streamline the time, energy and logistics involved in sourcing for best suppliers in china, New Customers only need to pay us a one-time Processing fee of ₦2,000 only when submitting product orders.

Our Service Fee depends on the total order amount. We Help You With The Following:

1. Shipments
2. Payments (from USD or ₦aira to RMB)
3. Manage Export Procedures
4. We Charge as Low as 5% of Total Transaction Excluding Shipping Cost.

What Should I pay To Use Your Services?

You first pay for the (Total Cost of Your Items + Our Service Charge) before we proceed your order. You pay shipping cost when your items arrived Lagos.

How Do I Pay for Your Services?

About the payment terms, we only accept Nigerian ₦aira to Nigerian Local Bank Account. Please if you are outside Nigeria, contact us for alternative means of payment.

Our Exchange Rates are:

¥1 = ₦59
$1 = ₦370

The above rate is used for our daily procurement and shipping transactions calculation. Please note that these rates are based on market rates and could change if there is significant fluctuation in the Forex Market. Always make sure that you check here to get our current rate before making payment to us.

YES, as long as your order is not yet processed by our purchaser

We will refund the total cost of the item you paid for excluding our service charge.


80% of the suppliers we are working with and order from offer better prices than suppliers from AliExpress & Co. But if customers still want to buy from their suppliers, we can help to aggregate their goods and do QC, then ship to FBA for them.

In this way, only 5% service fee will be charged. And we will make sure your goods arrive at your delivery address safely.


Our Services Include:

  • Finding Suppliers and Sourcing Products from China
  • Quote to Customers the Best Prices
  • Negotiate with Suppliers for Samples
  • Production and Packaging
  • Customize Logo and Packaging
  • Quality Control
  • Arrange Shipping to FBA

We Consolidate goods with other customers to the same destination so that shipping fee will be saved. Samples checking is free. We will ask for samples from suppliers once customers are satisfied with the quotation. Then, we send them to customers for quality checking, and customers decide whether to purchase it in bulk.

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