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This Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide Is THE BEST SELLING TOOL That Will Get Your Business Where You Want It To Be By Importing Goods From China

How to Make Big MO₦EY with e-Commerce & Mini-Importation from China

The Ultimate Complete Guide To Starting a Profitable e-Commerce & Mini-Importation Business Without Losing Your Shirt!

Are you interested in starting a real international Mini Importation Business; and turning it into a thriving cash pumping stream of income. Do You know that you Can Start And Successfully Run An Online Mini Importation Business in Nigeria With As Little As ₦50,000 Capital and Make Up To ₦500,000+ Monthly.

No Business Premises; No Customs Procedures; No Huge Capital Outlay!

You Will Learn and Earn using this Brand New Tested & Proven System That Helps You Find HOT in Demand Products For $3 Or Less, Pay in Naira and Ship to Nigeria in less than 7 Days. This Book will also show you a step-by-Step process on how to set up an Online eCommerce system and using Social Media to scale up and multiply your sales.

In this Book; How to Make Big MO₦EY with e-Commerce & Mini-Importation from China, You will discover the Easiest Ways and Process to Starting a Profitable e-Commerce and Mini-Importation Business Without Losing Your Shirt! You will Unlock the Guarded Secrets of How, Where and Places To Sell Your Imported Products For 500k – 1 Million Naira Profit Weekly.

In This Book, You Will Get Everything including a Comprehensive High-Resolution Tutorial Video.

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Make Big Money with e-Commerce & Mini-Importation from China

What You Will Learn Inside This Book!

This Comprehensive Step-by-Step Best Selling e-Book is The Tool that Unlocks the REAL SECRETS you Need to know that will get your Mini Importation Business where you want it to be, by importing goods from China and Using This Proven e-Commerce System and Process as a vehicle to drive your sales for insane Profits.

One Thing Is Certain – You Don’t Want to Waste Your Time, Money and Energy. Nobody Wants To… Like Every Other Smart Person, you want to go straight to what works. You want to skip all the Trials & huddles and Join the Small Group of Smart and Successful Mini Importers.

Use this Proven and Tested System to kick-start a thriving Mini Importation Business Right Now… from where ever you are right now with or without capital, growing it into a 6 – 7 Digits+ per month sure income stream, faster than you’ve ever thought possible.

Here’s A Sneak Peek at What You’ll Learn in This Book:
How Is Money Made In The Business?
The E-Commerce Empire Roadmap.
Product Research Tactics.
Best Places to Buy and Import Products.
What Hot Products to Buy and Import.
How to Source For Products That Sells Hot.
Picking and Contacting the Right Suppliers.
Optimal Negotiation Strategy.
Placing Orders and Making Payments.
Shipping and Logistics.
How to Pay For the Shipping Fees?
Getting Free Shipping on Your Orders.
How to Ship Directly to Your Door-Step.
How to Offer Payment on Delivery (POD).
Ways to Promote and Sell Your Products.
How to Build an e-Commerce Store & Sell.
How to Get Paid Directly from Your Store.

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There Has Never Been A Better Time for You to Get Into The Importation Business than Right Now…

Anybody… Including YOU can start using this Process and Strategies and start getting MASSIVE jaw dropping results. The Processes and Systems contained in How to Make Big MO₦EY with e-Commerce & Mini-Importation from China are completely applicable to all countries. So, whether you’re in Nigeria, USA, UK or anywhere else, you can get the best dealings with China using this book.

Did you get that part? This book is about Importing From China – from anywhere and Using eCommerce + Social Media to drive your sales. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Nigeria USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, anywhere – This Book Works.

Why You Must Learn About This Business!

Who Really Can Do This Business?

  • As a Student: You will be able to find an alternative way to finance your education without depending fully on your parents or guidance.
  • As a Full Time House Wife: You can assist your husband financially by selling imported items/goods in your neighborhood.
  • As a Single Mum: You can take care of your kids from the profit you make from your import business.
  • As an Employee: If you already have a job and you are looking for a means of creating an extra income for yourself, I must say that this business is highly suitable for you.
  • Best for Unemployed: If you are one of the unemployed youths in this country. Then thank your star, because if you make the best use of this information, you may never have to search for jobs again!
  • Whoever You are? Whatever You Do! You would be able to make a desired income from this lucrative home based business.

I Lo♥e This Business and I Hope You Will Like it Too!

Apart from the fact that, you can make lots of money selling imported products from abroad. It would also help you to save more money while you invest in other things. Why do you have to buy a product for N100,000 when you can always order it yourself and save up to N50,000 in the process?

Importation business is a very lucrative business and it’s a good money printing machine. Alaba boys, Ikeja guys, Konga And jumia are all into the game. Lots of guys are equally Making lots of cash doing this business.

The importation business is a GOLDMINE that most Nigerians are yet to take advantage of. Even those who are already into it are still unaware of the Core Process and System needed to run the business successfully.

You can have your logo on your goods as if you produced them. i.e you can print your own name or company’s name on your goods. You can make money doing these for corporate bodies and organizations if you have the required information on how to achieve this. Do not worry, these are part of the information you will get in this Book.

In This Book, You will Unlock the Secrets of how to order cheap and quality products from the USA, Hongong, Asia, UK, China, etc. all from the comfort of your bedroom and have the goods delivered to you right here in Nigeria.

Customer Reviews

Strategik Trade Imports & Sourcing is my secret weapon

STRATEGIK TRADE-IMPORTS & SOURCING IS MY SECRET WEAPON. I’ve helped hundreds of sellers launch profitable e-commerce businesses. If every one of them used Strategik, they would all solve the single hardest part of the business model: finding a quality product with a reliable supplier, at a competitive price. Truly.”

Phillips Macaulay
Philips Trade Consulting - Lagos, Nigeria.


WORKING WITH THEM TOOK ALL THE STRESS OUT OF SOURCING PRODUCTS AND MATERIALS IN CHINA. Not only are they prompt and professional, but they will get you the best quality and value for money. If you need a reason to use a sourcing agent, as opposed to searching yourself, or adversely, for not going through a local agent, Strategik is it.”

Prince Toby Okunade
Harrods Consulting - London, UK.

Mini Importation Business from China

“THIS BOOK IS A BOMB. My doubt Initially was how transparent and helpful this book could be, but they completely Cleared it. Very detailed information. Thank you, keep it up.”

Jide Smith
Links Logistics Ltd - Lagos, Nigeria.


GREAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT THROUGHOUT MY ORDER. I would like to thank you on the efficiency and speed my order was handled with. Although I am a tough customer to deal with. I will definitely be doing more business with you guys in the future.”

Simon Hillary
(MD) Reliance Investments - Lagos, Nigeria


THEIR SOURCING AGENTS ARE HARDWORKING. I cannot begin to tell you how great Strategik has been for my business. Considerate and highly communicative. You just know they want your business to succeed.”

Dr. Hamad Farouk
Karazon Supplies Ltd - Kaduna, Nigeria.


A FAST AND EFFICIENT SERVICE OVER ALL. I bought 100’s of remote control toys off Strategik over the last year, I got a fast response when I needed a quote and the items were delivered on time and sometimes before the delivery dates given.

Benjamin Adegun
Bellini Ltd - Lagos, Nigeria.

I unreservedly recommend this services

I UNRESERVEDLY RECOMMEND THIS SERVICES. Demonstrated impressively on our first business dealings, Strategik tirelessly worked to get me exactly what I was after, and then tirelessly hunted down and negotiated the best deal. Working with Strategik over the past 10 months has saved me a great deal of time, stress and money.”

George Oyetolah
Frozen Music Inc. - Accra, Ghana.

One of the Best Books i Have Ever Read

ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I HAVE EVER READ. With my little knowledge and experience in Importation from China, I say this book really helped with sourcing and receiving my goods right at my doorstep.”

Jimi Shonowo
(MD) GreenFields Ltd - Abuja, Nigeria.

Outstanding Mini Importation Book

OUTSTANDING SERVICES! I bought the Mini-Importation Book and now a client of Strategik Trade-Imports for 8 months and blown away by their efficiency and professionalism. I send them a product with specs and within 3 days I get a number of quotes and orders delivered within 10 days.”

Paul Nwajoku
Paulo Enterprises - Lagos, Nigeria.

Excellent company doing very well

EXCELLENT COMPANY DOING VERY WELL. I received my first order very successfully. I will scale my orders with your services always.”

Naomi Chukuma
Rochids Investments - Abuja, Nigeria.


I LOVE THIS BOOK… I had doubts when buying this book.  But you know what? Buying this book is the best decision i made in ages. Very Insightful, Educative, Instructive, Detailed and Informative. I was able to successfully kick-start my mini-importation Business.  Please Buy This Book.”

Adebisi Adeniran
Soft Technologies - Lagos, Nigeria.

Good Services The Best in town

“GOOD SERVICES. I procured from them and got my goods delivered promptly and safely. The Best in town.”

Dapo Awolesi
Jordan Enterprises - Ibadan, Nigeria.

What Products Can You Buy?

Basically, there are all categories of items as long as you can imagine. However, not all items can be purchased by you due to the shipping limitation or shipping cost. For example, if you are trying to ship items via normal express shipping, The Following Items will be Restricted:

  • Liquid | Cream
  • Powder | Chemicals
  • Strong Magnets | Knives or Gun Related Items
  • Pure Batteries & Other Sensitive Items

What You Need To Start Your Mini-Imports Right Now!

  • Start Up Capital (You can start with as low as N30,000)
  • A Mobile Phone/ Internet Access (For Online Transactions)
  • A Bank Account (For your Financial Transactions)
  • A Payment Channel (A MasterCard or VisaCard for Online Payments)
  • A Valid Delivery Address (Where Goods will be Delivered)
  • A Valid Email Address

Still Thinking if Making Big MO₦EY with Mini-Importation Is Right For You?
Read The Testimonials From Some Who Bought This Book Already!

Here’s The Real Deal! An Import Portal... 100% Cheaper Than Aliexpress & Alibaba

Secrets That Alibaba & AliExpress Sellers Hide From You

Probably you know that you can source cheap products from and You may usually place large orders from and smaller orders from AliExpress. But you would never know that actually many of the products those sellers offer are from other Chinese wholesale sites. It’s also a cheaper source for all kinds of products.

Those and sellers just buy the items there and add money on the items and sell to you. Or even, when they get your orders, they then order from the sites and later ship to you, running their business without any stock. Of course, they won’t tell you about this.

If you are a business man and want to cut down cost and earn more, I believe you now want to ask yourself why not source directly? Yes, of course you can! You can even order without knowing Chinese language. All are no problem!

This book will reveal to you details on how you can make more money from this dirt cheap Chinese websites.

What About Making Payments and Shipping To Nigeria?

After Placing Your Order, The Next Thing Is To Ship

All you do is source for your products from the rarely known portals… Connect With This Tested, Trusted & Reliable Logistics Company, they also help with paying even your Chinese suppliers when you ship through their services. You pay them in Nigeria Naira and your orders are processed within 24hours of receiving your payment.

They provide you with constant updates from the time you place the order to the time you receive your goods in Nigeria. No Restrictions whatsoever, No Dollar Card, No Business Killing Delays. Your Payment is confirmed instantly and your products are shipped faster than ever.

When Your Goods arrives Lagos, You Get a Text informing you when to receive your items – As Easy As ABC!!!

What Next are You Waiting For?

Here’s Your Opportunity to Discover A Well-Guarded Secret On How To Start a Successful Online Importation Business!

  • You Want to Start Importing Cheap Products Online, Don’t You?
  • Do You Really Desire to Start Making Money Selling them for Huge Profit? Don’t You?
  • Would You Want to Make Your Hubby a Money Maker? Wouldn’t You?

Then This Book is For You!

So Let’s Get Down to Business… How much do you think This Book (Paper-Back With Free Delivery) would be on Amazon Kindle Store? YES: $32.99 USD.

However, This is Going to be Super Easy for YOU (and the next 50 persons) to get access to this (E-Book) Make Big MO₦EY with e-Commerce & Mini-Importation from China.

Now This is The Deal; Grab Your Copy Today [Earn 70% Cash Back] at the discounted price of ₦10,000 2,999

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Make Big MONEY with Mini Importation from China

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Bonus 1

A Comprehensive Home Study Video Tutorial that Teaches you the A-Z of Mini-Importation from China right from your Bedroom.

Price: ₦4,000FREE

Bonus 2

This Book Digs Into the Concept of Social Media and How to Be Successful in Today’s Modern, Complex Business Landscape.

Price: ₦5,000FREE

Bonus 3

The Business System that allows anyone in the World to Build a Profitable Business Empire right from their Laptop.

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Bonus 4

This Book is a Complete and detailed Guide on How to start your Successful Dropshipping Business right from home.

Price: ₦2,500FREE

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Make Big MO₦EY with Mini-Importation from China

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