Buy and Ship Directly from China Websites like:,,,,, etc.

We Buy the items for you, check each one carefully, and repack/combine multiple orders into a new box to save in shipping cost. Be assured that your parcel is protected.

We are Your Procurement and Shipping Agent that Specializes in Purchasing and Shipping of your Goods from China.

Some of the sites we purchase from are,,,,,, We can also help you to pay your suppliers in China and conclude business on your behalf.

We also offer shipping services from China to Nigeria. This means that we can handle both the purchasing and shipping of the products for you. If you are purchasing from 1688, taobao, tmall, or JD, we recommend that you read our instruction on How to buy from 1688, taobao, tmall, and JD or you can get more detailed information from the book; How to Make Big MO₦EY with e-Commerce & Mini-Importation from China.

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A One Stop Shopping Services for Importing from China


Shop in 1688, AliExpress, Taobao, Tmall & other China Websites. Choose from the wide variety of items and send us the links. Then sit back and relax, we will do the rest!


We can pay your Online Suppliers in China in minute, we have various ways to pay Chinese company or individual from Chinese Bank account, Alipay & 1688 payment etc.


Enjoy the Lowest Rates! We ship your package according to your chosen method ranging from Express to Sea shipping. We also offer Drop Shipping Services directly to your Customers!


We Receive and Keep Each of Your Items Till All Your Multiple Items Arrive Before Sending it to Your Country Without Charge.

Quality Check

We Don’t Confirm Quality of Your Products. But We Only Confirm Quantity of Products that Arrives Our Office in China.


Get Your Items Delivered to Your Doorstep or Your Preferred Destination and Wait Till Your Items Gets Delivered to You.

Order Tracking

Track Your Orders as They Leave Stores in China Till They Arrive in Nigeria & Get Information of the Location of Your Goods.

Sites We Buy From

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