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Your Best Procurement and Sourcing Agent in China for All Your Products.

We are Procurement and Sourcing Agent in China Specializing in Purchasing and Shipping of Goods from China to Nigeria.

Strategik Trade-Imports is your professional best-choice China sourcing agent, helping thousands of buyers import from China. We have proficient experiences in sourcing furniture, textile, apparel, makeup, sports, jerseys, shoes, Jewelry, electronics, gifts, stationary, products, etc from manufacturing factory. We offer international sourcing service from purchasing products in China to shipping to destinations.

We can help you save time, save on costs, and reduce the risks usually associated with importing from China wholesale. If you are going to buy retail or wholesale from china, Tell us what you’re after, and you‘ll receive our best-price quotation within 2 days. If you want to enquire about product details or price, please Write and Email Us, and provide us the product SKU and the question.

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We Find You the Best Suppliers

We are familiar with a wide range of manufacturers for all kinds of products. We’ll always ensure you get the most competitive price and best quality products, leaving you better off than searching suppliers on Alibaba or Aliexpress all by yourself. With a token inspection fee, We inspect all of your products before shipping.

One-on-One Customer Service

Upon contacting Strategik Trade-Imports with your product request, we will assign a professional customer representative to support you from sourcing, all the way through to shipping. We’ve supported many eCommerce sellers, and can help you effectively find the right product niche, or source new products to boost your business sales.

We Brand Your Products

We offer complete packaging solutions to personalize your product labels, allowing you to build your own brand. Well-designed customized packaging differentiates your product from your competitors’, as well as increasing appeal to customers. This helps you sell your product for higher prices and increase profits.

Why Choose Trade-Imports®

In today’s highly competitive economy, it is imperative that companies and entrepreneurs gain every competitive advantage available. If you are reading this you are already aware that doing business in China is the answer to your procurement saving requirements. The problem for you and for many businesses is you do not have the knowledge or physical presence in China in order to take advantage of these savings. This is where Trade-Imports® comes in.

We are staffed with procurement specialists, ensuring a complete, hands-on understanding of your needs and objectives. We acts as a one-stop portal for your companies seeking to make their sourcing more cost effective by making the process more efficient when buying products made in china.

If you want to buy from China it involves a very steep learning curve – if you buy direct from china, without inside knowledge it often involves a loss of control and a great deal of trial and error. Even minor misunderstandings can result in excessive costs resulting from re-tooling, missed production or transportation deadlines, custom costs and delays and in extreme cases even product recalls.

Trade-Imports® provides full disclosure of vendor, price and all associated information used during the decision making process. We pride ourselves on helping our clients to buy from China rather than marking up products to resell. Whilst a few will chose to contact the factory directly, we know from experience that over 95% of clients continue to use our services despite having access to factory information. We believe in full transparency and disclosure.


We have a highly experienced merchandising team able to assist with optimal Chinese vendor identification and price negotiation. We employ industry leading practices developed from years of experience to ensure vendors are pre-qualified for quality and reliability.

Quality Control

We have experienced China Quality Control (QC) team that is familiar with every aspect of the QC process from sample development to production control and final inspections. We implement China Find QC processes or work with clients to develop a custom process where required.

Procurement and Sourcing Agent in China

Shipping & Logistics

Our logistics team is highly experienced and often deliver up to 80% savings on shipments. This is made possible through efficient delivery control and strong, long-term experience working with customs in all ports in China. We Hope to make your Chinese procurement story a success.

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