Tools and Services For Your Websites

Tools and Services For Your Websites


  • Ahrefs – A website analysis toolset (Site Explorer and Backlink Checker, Crawl Report, Social Metrics, Batch Analysis and Domain Comparison).
  • Google+ Page Analysis – A Google+ Page audit tool.
  • Mobile Ratio – See how much of your traffic comes from mobile devices.
  • – Access all your data from multiple providers (Google Analytics, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook…) from a single dashboard.
  • Quill Engage – A tool that simplifies Google Analytics.
  • Qunb – Turn your Google Analytics data into visual and compelling stories.
  • SimilarWeb – An analytics tool that works for any website or mobile app.
  • SumAll – A social media analytics and business dashboard for small and medium sized businesses.


  • Answer the Public – Find the questions your audience asks the most frequently.
  • Atomic Reach – Adapt the readability of your writing to match your audience’s reading preferences.
  • Blasty – Monitor Google for illegal copies of your content and remove them with one click.
  • BlogAbout – Generate ideas for your next blog posts or headlines in a few clicks.
  • Blog title generators: SEOPressor – Inbound Now – Tweak Your Biz Title Generator
  • BloomBerry – Find questions people ask around the web on any topic.
  • Burst – Free stock photography for entrepreneurs.
  • Citationsy – Easily create citations, reference lists, and bibliographies.
  • Content Idea Generator – Answer 18 questions about your products and services and get hundreds of suggestions.
  • Content Marketing Checklist – A complete list of to-do tasks for optimal content creation or marketing campaigns.
  • Copyscape – A plagiarism and duplicate-content checker.
  • Embed Code Generator – Allow your visitors to embed your infographics and images on their blogs with the right attribution.
  • Faq Fox – Find questions your audience is asking online.
  • Flare – Social sharing bar for your website or blog.
  • Ginger – Write online without spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
  • Grammarly – A tool that finds and corrects grammatical and typographical errors.
  • Headline Analyzer – Measure the emotional marketing value of your headlines.
  • Hello Bar – Display a bar on top of any page of a website with a short message of your choice.
  • Hemingway – Understand the readability level of your content.
  • Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator – Get suggestions for your next posts.
  • Infobark – A Hello Bar alternative.
  • Kya – An audience insights platform for publishers.
  • Ludwig Guru – A smart translator and linguistic search engine that helps you to find the perfect word or sentence to express your ideas.
  • Notifier by Content Marketer – A tool that scans your content to find the Twitter handles of anyone you have mentioned and lets you notify them with one click.
  • Paperr – An online web editor for a distraction-free writing experience. Features include: autosave in browser, inbuilt Wikipedia search, and PDF download…
  • Pixsy – Find and fight image theft.
  • Postmatic – A WordPress plugin that lets readers subscribe to your blog and comments by email.
  • Qeryz – A microsurvey service for websites.
  • Qzzr – Create, embed, and share your own quizzes to drive social engagement.
  • – Determine the reading level of your content.
  • – Create social media sharing buttons with no JavaScript.
  • Storyzy – Find current relevant quotes for your blog and/or social media posts.
  • SubToMe – Allow your readers to follow your blog via the RSS reader of their choice.
  • Surveypal – Create fully customized surveys that work across device.
  • Toneapi – Optimize your content based on emotion and activation.
  • What to write – Answer a few questions about your blog topic and get receive post ideas in your inbox.
  • Writally – Blog recipes to quickly create powerful content
  • Zen Market – Simple paywall and micropayment add-on for your website.


  • Cache – Save and organize links, texts, images, video and audio content from Instagram, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Youtube, and more.
  • Permamarks – Save online content permanently.
  • Pocket – A private bookmarking service.


  • BrandKoop – Gain a deeper understanding of the value of your social brand.
  • Logo makers and generators: LogasterWithoomph
  • Sotrender – Analyze and optimize your performance on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to improve your marketing.
  • start A FIRE – Automatically add a branded badge to all the external links you share.


  • Crystal – A platform using public data and personality tests to create comprehensive profiles and to help you write better pitches.
  • Domain Hacks – Enter a keyword and get domain extension and subdomain suggestions.
  • Domain name generators
  • Empathy Map Canvas – Understand your audience by asking yourself the right questions.
  • Jenkenson – Find classy name ideas for your products and business.
  • Launchaco – Name your business: Instantly search domain names, social media handles, and beautiful logotypes.
  • Plato – Actionable startup advice sent right to your inbox.
  • PressKitHero – Easily create a professional press kit for your company.
  • ProductLOKO – The Web’s #1 business idea generator.
  • ReviewPush – Collects all your online reviews in one place.


  • CloudConvert – Online file conversion service.
  • FilePizza – Peer-to-peer file transfer service.
  • Infinit – Send files of any size to anyone and on any device.
  • – Simple, fast, free photo galleries. No login required, just upload images and go.
  • Minbox – Connect all your cloud accounts (Dropbox, Google Drive…), keep all your files organized and easily collaborate in one place.
  • – A simple file storage site with lots of perks.
  • Sharechat – Unlimited file sharing with chat and storage, for teams.
  • SoShare – Send huge files for free.
  • – Secure and private cloud storage.
  • Takeafile – Send files from one computer directly to another, without installing software, any size and content, ultra fast, without a trace, and free.
  • Zamzar – Free online file conversion service.

Community Building 

  • HeadTalker – A crowd-speaking platform to help amplify the reach of your message.
  • HelloBox – Create and manage communities with all the features you need in one single place.
  • Nouncy – Amplify your messages by letting people contribute Tweets and Facebook posts for you.
  • Slofile – A list of public Slack channels open for new members.
  • Talk About Jack – Create instant chatrooms to engage with your customers and fans.
  • Thunderclap – A crowd-speaking platform that helps people be heard by saying something together.

Content Curation

  • Backstitch – A content curation platform for individuals, teams, and companies.
  • Bubblehunt – A search engine that delivers results based on people’s recommendations.
  • Elink – Curate and share links around any topic in a visual way.
  • Flipboard – A social-network aggregation, magazine-format mobile app to find and curate the best content.
  • Hubub – Content curation platform.
  • Listly – Build interactive lists and add items (with or without links) to other members’ lists.
  • – Create a digital newspaper based on keywords and topics of choice.
  • – Content curation platform.
  • SlideBatch – Collect a mix of media from anywhere and put it into a simple BATCH.
  • Spundge – A content creation platform for professionals and organizations.
  • – A service to make your own curated directory.

Content Discovery 

  • DrumUp – Discover the most relevant online content to read and share.
  • Followed’s Viral-Ready Content Search – Find the most popular content in specific categories.
  • Impactana Content Marketing Toolbar – Discover the popularity of a page / post, information about its author, and bookmark and share content on social media in one easy spot.
  • – A tool for tracking the biggest tech news.
  • Primal – A tool that surfaces the most interesting content based on your topics and sources of choice.
  • Refind – Discover the best links from the people and topics you follow.
  • Renoun – Find popular content on the web.
  • Scoopinion – A tool that analyzes your reading habits to recommend content from sites you might not know.
  • ShareMetric – A Chrome extension that surfaces social media share counts, link metrics, and organic search visibility metrics for the page you are visiting.
  • UpContent – UpContent uses advanced, specialized filtering and intelligent content gathering to surface the most relevant content for your needs.
  • Post Planner – Find the content you need from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your favorite blogs, and schedule it to your social media accounts.

Customer Care

  • Bonsai – Contract templates, simple e-signing, and payment escrow for creative freelancers.
  • Chat by KeyReply – Allow people to contact you from your website directly from their favorite messaging apps.
  • Chatra – Enjoy the benefits of live chat even when you’re offline.
  • Concord – Free and unlimited e-signature, collaboration, and contract management.
  • HappyFox – Live chat software for your website.
  • – Create a FAQ / help page for your website in minutes.
  • Klets – Create a room for private chats with customers and business contacts.
  • Nudgespot – Allow your visitors to chat with you and track user actions.
  • Pubble –  An interactive and embeddable Q&A / messaging platform.
  • Pure Chat – A service that offers real-time website analytics and live chat.
  • SlimFAQ – Build an FAQ quickly and easily for your website or application.
  • Talk About Jack – Create instant chatrooms to engage with your customers and fans.
  • WhatsHelp – Allow your customers to message you or send them targeted notices via popular messaging apps.
  • Wyzerr – Create surveys that feel like games.


  • Call to Idea – A gallery of visual components to inspire your web designs.
  • Canva – Create beautiful images and graphics in minutes.
  • Checkout Pages – Curated directory of the best checkout, pricing, product, and store pages.
  • Colovely – Press the Space bar and get new color suggestions.
  • Coverr – Beautiful, free videos for your homepage.
  • FlattyShadow – A free library of customizable icons for your website or blog.
  • Fotor – An online photo editing suite and graphic/cover designing tool.
  • Freebiesbug – A collection of free web design resources for your projects.
  • Freepik – Resource for vectors, photos, and PSD.
  • GifDeck – Turn a SlideShare presentation into a GIF.
  • – Turn your photos into GIFs in minutes.
  • Landingfolio – A gallery featuring the best landing pages design. 330 landing page examples in 48 different categories.
  • Landscape – An image resizing tool that supports all major social networks.
  • Medialoot – Fonts, icons, graphics, templates, interfaces, and more!
  • Pablo – Online graphic builder.
  • PicMonkey – A photo editor and graphic designing tool.
  • Pictaculous – Find the color scheme of a specific picture.
  • Picture creation tools
  • Psddd – A collection of freebies from Dribbble.
  • Recite – Turn quotes into shareable pictures.
  • Spaces’ Logo Maker – Create your own business logo for free.
  • Stencil – Create visuals for your website and social media posts.
  • – Thousands of files for personal and commercial use.
  • Vecteezy – Discover and download free vector art!
  • Vidlery – Free animated backgrounds for your homepage.
  • Web Code Tools – Generate code (HTML, CSS, meta tags, file names, etc.) without being a programmer.


  • AnyAlias – Unlimited free disposable email addresses.
  • – A meeting scheduler for Gmail.
  • Cannonball Email – An iOS app that automatically organizes your inbox.
  • DigiSigner – Sign documents and collect e-signatures online.
  • Duffel – A Chrome extension that allows you to download emails as PDFs.
  • eAngel – Gmail proofreading browser extension.
  • EmailonDeck – Temporary email address generator.
  • Email Template Generator – Find the right words to say to your customers and prospects.
  • Email Hunter – Find email addresses from anywhere on the web, with just one click.
  • Hello Sign – Sign your electronic documents in a few clicks.
  • Maildrop – When you don’t want to give out your real address.
  • MailDude – Stop spam in your inbox – send it to MailDude
  • MailTrack –  A Chrome extension that tracks if your emails sent from Gmail have been read.
  • – Disposable anonymous email.
  • Mixmax – Schedule your emails, track who opens your messages, and schedule meetings with this app for Gmail.
  • newoldstamp – Create your own unique email signature in a few seconds.
  • OBTrack – Track email opens for free without any ‘Sent with’ branding.
  • – Create your own HTML signature in seconds.
  • Temp Mail – Temporary disposable email address generator.
  • – Unsubscribe from unwanted mailing lists in a few clicks.
  • WMail – A Mac app for Google Inbox and Gmail with multiple account support, unread notifications, and more.



  • CircleCount – Get valuable insights into your Google+ activity.
  • Databoard – Explore insights from Google research studies, share them with others, and create your own custom infographics.
  • Do Share – Update your Google+ profile, page and Communities from any tab in your browser.
  • Google products
  • Post Editor – Format your Google+ posts like the pros.
  • Simply Measured’ Free Google+ Page Analysis – Understand your Google+ Page’s audience, content performance, and more.
  • Timing+ – Find out the best time to post on Google+.
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